Caterpillar Craft

Caterpillar Craft

Supplies Needed:

cut the green construction paper into strips. We cut six strips for each of our caterpillars but you can make yours as long or as short as you want. 

You will also need to cut one strip of red construction paper. This red strip will be the head of your caterpillar.

reate a circle with one green strip of construction paper and staple the ends together. Next, thread another strip through the circle you just created and staple it together in a circle shape just as you did the last one. Continue until you have a chain of green circles stapled together. 

Attach the red strip of construction paper last. 

When you are done stapling the construction paper together it's time to make the features for your caterpillar's head. From the black construction paper cut out a mouth and two antennae. 

lue mouth, antennae, and googly eyes onto the red construction head. We pinched the back of the red construction paper together slightly so that the antennae would stick out over the head. You can also wait until the glue dries and then bend the antennae piece upwards to create the same effect. 


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